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The Return of The Silver Arrows
The Return of The Silver ArrowsPrice: £17.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD1 (Multi-Regional)

On July 4, 1954, Mercedes-Benz returned to Grand Prix racing for the first time since the war with a stunning one-two victory in the French GP at Reims. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of that historic occasion, Terrific Stuff presents this film from the DaimlerChrysler Archiv (and others), which records the Silver Arrows’ racing programme of 1954 and 1955. Led by 1951 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, they won five of their seven races in 1954. The following year Mercedes went sportscar racing too; the W196 GP cars were joined by the 300SLRs and Fangio was joined by Stirling Moss. The ...
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The Gulf/Wyer GT40s & 917s In Action
The Gulf/Wyer GT40s & 917s In ActionPrice: £17.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD2 (Multi-Regional)

‘Never Start Something You Can’t Stop’ concentrates on the efforts of the John Wyer team of Gulf Ford GT40s to win the 1968 Le Mans 24 hour race. It begins with a fast lap around the 8.4-mile circuit viewed from a GT40. In the race Rodriguez and Bianchi provided a first Le Mans victory for themselves and Gulf Oil and a second victory for John Wyer who had also won in 1959 with his Aston Martin team. This was the third successive win for Ford.

‘A Year To Remember’ is a marvellous record of John Wyer’s highly successful 1970 season when his fabulous Gulf Porsche 917s swept ...
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Lap of The Gods Parts One and Two
Lap of The Gods Parts One and TwoPrice: £24.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD3 (Multi-Regional)

These are two ideal DVDs for all you enthusiasts who enjoy ‘on-car’ action during a GP meeting. The famous French director Alain Boisnard mounted a movie camera centrally behind the driver’s head giving you a genuine ‘driver’s eye’ view of the track. The commentary comes from Murray Walker, who remains for many of us the definitive ‘Voice of Grand Prix racing’. This is an opportunity to ‘drive’ some of the most powerful F1 cars ever built on many of the greatest circuits in the World.

There are also around 30 minutes of ‘extras’ on each DVD. These are short (approx 3 mins) snippets ...
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Racing The Silver Arrows
Racing The Silver ArrowsPrice: £24.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD4 (Multi-Regional)

It took us a while but at last ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ is available on DVD. It is a double DVD set that lasts 105 minutes and costs £24.99 (plus post and packaging). The original video of ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ came about as a direct result of work that Chris Nixon had done on his book of the same name. Audi were so impressed by the book that they allowed us access to the entire Auto Union motor racing film archive. With Chris’ encyclopaedic knowledge of the era and his legendary attention to detail the video simply had to be ‘right’. It took months of studying shots frame by frame and ...
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Tribute To Bob McIntyre
Tribute To Bob McIntyrePrice: £17.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD5 (Multi-Regional)

This DVD is a compilation of all the Motorcycle Sport films from the famous BP Archive. Bearing in mind that some of these films are now 50 years old, the quality is remarkably good. Both the ‘North-West ‘200’ 1958’ and ‘The Right Line 1960’ are in colour and ‘The Ulster Grand Prix 1955’ and ‘Motorcycle Sport 1956’ are in wonderful ‘period’ black and white. Much of the commentary comes courtesy of Graham Walker, Murray’s father.

One of the joys of this DVD is the variety of venues and motorcycling sport it covers. We get to see road racing at Port Stewart and Dundrod; circuit ...
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The Saga of Formula One Volume 1
The Saga of Formula One Volume 1Price: £17.99 (plus P&P) Enquiry Form
Product Reference: TS-DVD6 (Multi-Regional)

The Drivers That Made History (approx 46 mins B&W/Colour). This film features drivers such as Georges Boillot and Felice Nazzaro in the early 1900s; Rudolf Carraciola and Tazio Nuvolari in the 1930s racing the ‘Silver Arrows’; Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss’ great rivalry in the 1950s and discussed in rare interviews with the two drivers; Jim Clark’s short but superb career; Jackie Stewart, a true racing legend who changed the face of Formula One; Niki Lauda, including a frank interview where he describes his thoughts at Mount Fuji when he retired, giving James Hunt the title; ...
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