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It took us a while but at last ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ is available on DVD. It is a double DVD set that lasts 105 minutes and costs £24.99 (plus post and packaging). The original video of ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ came about as a direct result of work that Chris Nixon had done on his book of the same name. Audi were so impressed by the book that they allowed us access to the entire Auto Union motor racing film archive. With Chris’ encyclopaedic knowledge of the era and his legendary attention to detail the video simply had to be ‘right’. It took months of studying shots frame by frame and then comparing race numbers and drivers with the book and the archive. It was also necessary to reorganise some of the footage to correct the occasional historical inaccuracies such as the wrong cars at the wrong circuits during a race! It is probably safe to say that this is a definitive version of those golden years of motor racing. Things were made more complicated by the fact that if Auto-Union didn’t win a race they simply ignored it and Mercedes did much the same. Frustratingly at the time we produced ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ we did not have access to the Mercedes Archive, but we eventually got that and produced ‘The Return of The Silver Arrows’. As can occasionally be seen during the DVD, The Third Reich believed in the propaganda value of motor sport and it invested vast amounts of money setting up the Auto Union and Mercedes racing programmes. They even went to some lengths to ‘recreate’ footage for propaganda purposes. One thing that cannot be denied is that this was an age of hugely powerful cars driven by some of the bravest, most charismatic drivers of all time. We will never see the likes of them again. Also available on video

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