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A Limited Edition Print of 250 signed by the artist Graham Turner. Bernd and Elly Rosemeyer were the golden couple of their era. Bernd was one of the finest GP racing drivers of all time and Elly was an immensely competent aviator. They were a hugely talented and very glamorous couple, the public and media alike loved them. Bernd and Elly married in July 1936 and earned the nickname of being ‘the fastest couple in the World’. Bernd learnt to fly and together they flew Elly’s Messerschmitt Taifun to events all over Europe and even to Africa! In 1935 he was chosen as one of a group of new drivers who would test for the Auto Union race team. He stepped into a racing car for the first time at The Nurburgring Nordschleife in October 1934 and was only a few seconds off the time set by Grand Prix hero Paul Pietsch. He took part in a total of 31 races and won 10 of the 18 Grand Prix he started. Bernd died in January 1938 while attempting to break various speed records for Auto Union on the Frankfurt-Darmstadt autobahn. His brief motor racing career had lasted only 979 days and he had only driven with Auto Union; he was just 28 years old when he died. Film of Rosemeyer in action is contained in TS-DVD4 ‘Racing The Silver Arrows’ and Chris Nixon’s book of the same name details the history and profiles of the drivers in the battle between Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz. Both products are available through this web site.

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