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Tribute To Fangio
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‘Tribute to Fangio’ was made in 1959 shortly after he retired as five times World Champion. It opens with some sensational ‘on car’ shots of the Old Man driving his 250F Maserati and then goes on to cover his early races with Gordini and Maserati, leading up to his first Championship win with Alfa Romeo in 1951. There is also excellent coverage of his classic battle with Mike Hawthorn in the 1953 French GP and clips showing his four consecutive World Championship wins with Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Maserati. '25 Years of the Nürburgring’ was made in 1953 to mark the Silver Jubilee of this fabulous 14.2-mile circuit. Film from the thirties includes Dick Seaman’s historic victory for Mercedes and Auto Unions in action. We also see Ascari winning the 1951 race in his Ferrari. ‘The German GP 1953’ shows Ascari heading for his fourth straight win, until he sheds a wheel. Fangio and Hawthorn then battle for the lead only to be overtaken by an inspired Dr Farina who goes on to score a resounding fourth victory for Scuderia Ferrari.

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